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I Lesatele

The role women and community leaders and traditional village systems  should be acknowledged and considered in the discussion on peace and security for women in the Pacific region including Samoa.

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Women police officers are represented in all units of the Samoa Police and this is a huge step from the past.

Deidre Tautua – Fanene

Pacific Games boxing hero, Nuuuli Livai, is a free man except for the 300 hours of community work he must do for the Samoa Victim Support Group.

But the next time he is convicted of burglary and theft, he is going to do prison time at Tanumalala Prison.

A small landslip at Lalomanu last week attracted the attention of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MNRE), but not as much as the distress at the litter they stumbled into.

The Tuiolemu area was littered with mostly plastic rubbish that was a big disappointment for the MNRE Chief Executive Officer, Ulu Bismarck Crawley.

After the success of a ‘greening’ awareness campaign during the Pacific Games, the show of little regard for a cleaner environment, was a let down.

Deidre Tautua – Fanene

Visiting New Zealand Minister of Social Development Carmel Sepuloni, reflected proudly on the forgiving Samoan heart at the memorial service on Friday for all who died during the 1918 flu epidemic.


I Lesatele

The role women and community leaders and traditional village systems  should be acknowledged and considered in the discussion on peace and security for women in the Pacific region including Samoa.

Deidre Tautua – Fanene

The Methodist Church of Samoa concluded their annual Conference with a special service to bid farewell retiring church ministers and to ordain 13 new Methodist ministers at Faleula on Sunday morning.


Faith in the overriding will of God has left the Prime Minister, Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi, unconcerned by any plot to have him killed.

His reaction on national radio yesterday, was the first time he has responded publicly to an alleged murder conspiracy on his life.

 “ God has already worked out the time a person dies and how,” he recalled his response to a similar threat made on his life more than a decade ago.

By Deidre Tautua – Fanene

The list of people in the alleged plot to kill the Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi is now up to four with one new police arrest this week.

The added suspect is yet to be identified with an official statement from the Ministry of Police.  The deputy Commissioner of Police who is the only person authorized to comment was unavailable to media enquiries.

Deidre Tautua – Fanene

An underage boy facing a murder charge will not be treated any differently from an adult who is found guilty of the crime.

A court official made this clear to enquiries by the Newsline Samoa when the issue came up in the courtroom.  

Police have arrested a fourth person in connection with the alleged plot to kill the Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi.

Newsline Samoa has confirmed the new arrest from sources connected to the police investigation of the alleged conspiracy.

Yet to be confirmed is the identity of the fourth alleged plotter.

The Ministry of Police is yet to make a public statement. The Deputy Commissioner of Police was also unavailable for comment.

The Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi has defended his decision to file defamation court charges against Australian based anti-Government online blogger, Malele Paulo alias King Faipopo.

The PM was implicated in ‘serious allegations’ made by the defendant in the 1999 assassination of the late Luagalau Levaula Kamu, the Minister of Works at the time in the Tuilaepa Cabinet.

Deidre Tautua – Fanene

A youth who raped a six year old girl in 2017 was sentenced to 14 years and six months imprisonment by Justice Tafaoimalo Leilani Tuala – Warren.

Deidre Tautua – Fanene

Any future return to the profession by the nurses pair jailed for the shock babies vaccination deaths are uncertain.

Both are serving 5 year prison sentences for the death last year of two babies at Safotu District Hospital.

Deidre Tautua – Fanene

The 17-year-old male who broke into Team Papua New Guinea accommodations at the Faleula Games Village at the start of the recent Pacific Games, is to write an apology letter to the visitors he stole from.

The apology is included as one of the special conditions of living under supervision for the next 2 years.


The Supreme Court has found David Nomeneta Uaine, the former immigration officer who made and sold Samoa passports to non-Samoans for money – guilty of 28 forgery, corruption, bribery and other charges – but the four charges of recording information on a passport database have been dismissed.

Supreme Court Justice Leilani Tuala-Warren issued her 23-page ruling yesterday.

Mystery lingers over the cause of death last Wednesday of a man and woman found inside the backseat of a car at the Tuanaimato Sports Complex.

The bodies are held at the TTM Hospital morgue for a post mortem that police is hoping would pin point the cause of death.

Police was unable to confirm any visible injuries to the bodies of the deceased, despite evidence of blood found on the body of the car.


Samoa Airways has decided to extend by another 6 months the lease on the aircraft currently flying its established routes to New Zealand and Australia.

The Minister of Commerce Industry and Labour (MCIL), Lautafi Joseph Purcell confirmed the lease extension this week.

Lautafi is also the Minister of Cabinet responsible for the Samoa Airways. 

The Apia Waterfront has taken on a newer and prettier look worth $10.5m tala poured into lifting its appearance for everyone to enjoy and have a pleasant time.

The town project was officially opened for  public use  yesterday afternoon.


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Road transport is the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emission in Samoa and mitigation actions to reduce emission of gases include introduction of electric cars and electric buses.

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