Teuila Festival

Dear Oh Dear…..a ’huffin’ and a ‘puffin’ cop up

When our magnificent Police Brass Band started the Teuila Festival opening parade from the FESA staging area, the marching sound was sharp and crisp.

Everyone, including our Miss Samoa contestants followed excitedly behind.

All looked pumped up.  Flowing adrenaline added  spring to everyone’s step. 

People were watching from all sides of the streets as the parade moved along Beach Road.  Destination the Malaefatu Park.

Teuila Festival 2019 – People Teuila Targets

Check out the ‘palagi visitors’ this whole week at the Malaefatu Park.  Having them around and seeing them take part is one of the key measures of success for the Teuila Festival.

The more ‘palagis’ around and joining in the fun, the bigger the smiles for the Samoa Visitors Bureau.

The Minister of Tourism will have some happy stories to tell the Government and the country about the annual festival.

Dear Oh Dear....rambling thoughts about special Days

From yellow ‘sei pua’ to ‘red teuila’..hmmm. Ok so flowers are beautiful. Mountains and lakes are beautiful too. Sunset and sunrise are breath-taking. Birds are majestic and pussy cats are purrfect.

How about a ‘Matai Day? Organise it for all the chiefs to donate to a worthy charity on this day. How about a ‘Faifeau Day’ for all the untitled men who do all the family ‘feau’?

“….how about an ‘income tax day’, dear

Dear Oh Dear……roll in Sir John Rowles

John Rowles is coming to Samoa!!! He’s a kiwi star entertainer whose been around for a while.

So great to finally have some real star entertainers coming our way.

Actually the kiwi music icon is a knight of the British Empire and is to be formally addressed as Sir John Edward Rowles.

Picked that up off Google. He’s also in his early 70s in case any young ladies are interested.  Not questioning the interest in the senior ladies.

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