State Of Emergency

Christmas Shopping Appeal Too Strong To Stop Kids

The appeal for Christmas shopping is proving too strong to keep the kids away, despite the state of emergency order prohibiting them from public places.

The order runs out after Christmas on the 29th of December but seems powerless to stop Max of Falefa and Niuula of Vailele from checking out the new display of toys in Apia.

The pair were among a crowd of kids clearly in the restricted 14 years and under age group, shopping with their mothers.

MY SAY : We Are Putting Up A Fight. Keep The Faith.

Everywhere you click on the main online news sites these past few days, the measles epidemic in Samoa sits right up there with the top events of the world.

We would prefer the massive publicity to be about the outbreak of fresh hopes for a safer environment from climate change, unfortunately, it is not.

Our Blue Pacific continent is in more troubles and one of its flagship islands is hoisting a warning red flag of poor health.

MY SAY :  It Sucks But We Will Just Have To Suck It Up

Officially our holiday season is in tatters. We are on lock down mode with the official state of emergency declared on our measles epidemic on Friday night.

Yesterday the legal orders came down, serious and firm.

Since the outbreak became official the health advisory was for the general public not to congregate in groups.

When the call came about 5 weeks ago only 70 cases were suspected.  We are now past 700 or 10 times what we started off with.

Schools Ordered Shut Plus Other Firm Restrictions

All schools around the country are shut ‘forthwith,’ MMR injections are now a legal requirement for the unvaccinated and age group bans are enforced for any public gatherings or visits to any medical facility.

All these are now enforced as legal under the national state of emergency officially declared on Friday by Government, as measures to control the spread of the measles epidemic.

 Schools Ordered Shut and MMR Injections For All Non Vaccinated    

All schools are ordered closed immediately and all who have not been vaccinated for the measles are now legally required to undertake immunisation injections.

These are among the main orders that are now in effect after it was legally signed in law today, Saturday 16 November 2019.

Under the State of Emergency declared official on Friday, the following ORDERS, are in effect immediately pursuant to Article 106 of the Constitution: 

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