Measles epidemic

 Ombudsman Overrules Parental Rights Not To Vaccinate Children

 Ombudsman Maiava Iulai Toma, has made it clear that the rights of the parents to deny the children measles vaccination is overruled when it comes to the safety of children in a deadly health epidemic.

He gave his position in response to the current argument of the rights of parents to decide what is best for their children that included not having them vaccinated.

MY SAY : Not The Right Time Or Place

The anti vaccinators had their reasons the same as that ‘cancan’ water fella, to do and say what they believe.

The only difference was the time and place for them to make their stand was off.

While the country was in the throes of the measles epidemic killing spree, fighting to save lives and stop the spread of the virus was paramount.

Dear Oh Dear…. for they are now your very own angels

It’s getting harder and harder these past few weeks to feel any cheer in the heart with the measles virus taking away all those babies.

The heart is in fact feeling the heavy emotional burden as the fatality count continues to tick over and over and over virtually every day.

The heart simply shattered into pieces, with the story of a young mother who could only look on, as her baby child struggles with the pain until it finally ended.

PM Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi National Address On Measles Epidemic 2nd December 2019

In this time of crisis, and the cruel reality of the measles epidemic, let us reflect on how we can avoid recurrence in the future. I extend to all the families that have lost loved ones and the children of Samoa, our condolences and sympathies. Our prayers are also extended to those affected for speedy recoveries. In times of Natural disasters we are able to attract many responders to provide relief and recovery. With health disasters, only members of the health profession can provide the appropriate response. 

ONLY IN SAMOA:  Ordinary Super Heroes II

...where the weight of responsibility is there to see on all these serious faces. These are the frontier workers in the mass vaccination campaign still ongoing to control the rapid spread of the measles virus.

  The death toll update from the epidemic has gone up to 52  as of today 2 December 2019.

The tragic numbers would probably be worse without work from these frontline workers. 

Mass Vaccination Steams Ahead

By Staff Writer

Closing off a busy street in the heart of Apia is a more visible example of the mass vaccination effort that is being mobilized under the current state of emergency to the measles epidemic.

The street is cordoned off for the exclusive use of the National Emergency Operation Centre where the nation wide vaccination drive is being co-ordinated.

Measles Outbreak Not A Worry For Cruise Ship Travellers

More than 2,000 seafaring holiday travellers arrived in the Apia Port yesterday on board the cruise ship Amsterdam.

The new arrivals from all over the world were already aware of the measles outbreak in Samoa but it failed to stop them from checking out the local attractions.

The cruise liner docked at Matautu wharf and passengers spilled onto the street to explore the Apia town area.

MY SAY :  It Sucks But We Will Just Have To Suck It Up

Officially our holiday season is in tatters. We are on lock down mode with the official state of emergency declared on our measles epidemic on Friday night.

Yesterday the legal orders came down, serious and firm.

Since the outbreak became official the health advisory was for the general public not to congregate in groups.

When the call came about 5 weeks ago only 70 cases were suspected.  We are now past 700 or 10 times what we started off with.

Schools Ordered Shut Plus Other Firm Restrictions

All schools around the country are shut ‘forthwith,’ MMR injections are now a legal requirement for the unvaccinated and age group bans are enforced for any public gatherings or visits to any medical facility.

All these are now enforced as legal under the national state of emergency officially declared on Friday by Government, as measures to control the spread of the measles epidemic.

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