Pacific Games

Dear Oh Dear …..when Stui the archer takes aim,

Agree that Stui is a Pacific Games medal winning archer, but that was 12 years ago. C’mon!

He’s pushing 90 now, so the aging process is sprinting all over the body.

The muscles have long shriveled and weakened and the reflexes are gone – absolutely.

Stui can boast of his elephant heart but there’s no way the speed of his reflexes will catch that lumbering elephant he took his heart from in a race.

  Pacific Games Fever Into Schools and Village Early

Roadside flag buntings on long sticks lining both sides of the main road, are becoming early tell-tale signs of the Pacific Games reaching into rural schools and villages around the country.

In one of the villages along the coastal front on the eastern side of Savai’i, buntings showing the colours of Papua New Guinea were lined up from one end to the other.

MY SAY: Make Those Fleeting Moments Last

When the Manu Samoa team toured Fiji in 1981 players complained about the hotel food.

Aggie Grey’s beef stir fry with apples and ice cream for dessert while in training camp back home in Samoa, had spoiled everyone and they missed them in Suva.

The team management took issue with the Fiji Rugby Union over the menu.

Arrangements were then made for a selected village inside urban Suva to organise the food for the team.

Basketball playing schedule done

Only 10 member countries are to be represented in basketball at the Pacific Games in July.

Competition gets underway as early as on the first day of the Games will pool clashes for both men and women, starting with Round 1 on the 1 of July.

Pool matches are played in a round robin format for the first week up to Day 6 on Saturday 13th July.

Athletes Urged Not To Feel Obligated To Use Free Condoms

Condoms will be freely available for the athletes during the July Pacific Games but this does not mean they are obligated to use them.

More than a 1000  boxes of condoms have been put aside for use during the Games. These will be distributed at the games village and other locations where athletes and officials will be accommodated in both Savaii and Upolu.

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