Border Control

Inbound Travellers Warned Of Police Sniffing Canines 

Deidre Fanene

Inbound travellers by sea or air are warned of trained police dogs on duty at the main airports and seaports in Samoa that can sniff out illegal drugs.

Justice Leiataualesa Daryl Clark gave the warning at the sentencing of  Mr. Tafuna Tauialo who was caught in possession of the illegal substance meth or “ice” by police dogs.

Dear Oh Dear ……pass the damn ball

The last time we had a dodgy traveller land at Faleolo, our guys were already alerted by border control counterparts from the ports where the person passed through. 

When they pounced on the unsuspecting person on arrival they did indeed found incriminating evidence to take criminal actions.

But before we sing the praises of our frontier border people, back up a bit.

Why wasn’t the suspected traveller stopped and investigated in the other transit ports?

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