Dear Oh Dear…. for they are now your very own angels

It’s getting harder and harder these past few weeks to feel any cheer in the heart with the measles virus taking away all those babies.

The heart is in fact feeling the heavy emotional burden as the fatality count continues to tick over and over and over virtually every day.

The heart simply shattered into pieces, with the story of a young mother who could only look on, as her baby child struggles with the pain until it finally ended.

Dear Oh Dear…..a shower or two a day keeps the measles away

This is a true story folks.  A family with a three months old baby has set strict rules at home for all members returning from work, a trip to Apia or anywhere out of the house.

Head straight for the showers for a full body wash before you touch the baby or even venture anywhere close.

In only a week or so since the rule was enforced, the family grandmother, is starting to feel the strain of two to three showers a day.

Teuila Festival 2019 - Molding Of Future ‘Teuilians’

Nothing warms the heart more than the innocence of children bewildered by the huff and puff the adults drag them through.

The Malaefatu Park was a perfect place to see how that unfolded on Monday at the start of the activities planned for the weeklong Teuila Festival. 

Children react in many ways that makes watching them fun and heartwarming.

A ‘big palagi’ kid made to sleep on the grass by his tried parents was a true head twister. 

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