Tuilaepa surprises rugby training squads

PRESS RELEASE  Two Samoa Rugby Union team squads had a surprise visit from the leader of the country, Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi, during their training run at SRU headquarters this morning.

Tuilaepa, who is also the Chairman of Samoa Rugby Union, spoke to the U20 and U23 players and coaches of his ambitions for the future development of SRU and players.

“You have to be honest in everything you do, especially with your training,” he said.

PM inspires Deaf Rugby team

The members of the Samoa Deaf Rugby Sevens team were given a massive boost on Friday when they met with the Prime Minister, Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi at his Office.

The team travels to Fiji next month to compete in the Oceania Rugby Sevens Tournament, where there is a category for Deaf Rugby.

Manu Samoa and Manu Sina Sevens teams will compete in the same tournament but different categories.

Dear Oh Dear …Manu Samoa needed a miracle not magic

You know Stui is hurting when he recently fended off his microphone troubles in Parliament, with complaints of his visit to Japan.

 “This is what happens when the team [Manu Samoa] loses,” the great man complained as he fumbled with his troubling microphone.

His Japanese mate, PM Abe, invited him over to watch the rugby and sign off on a new ‘Lady Samoa III’ replacement.

Japan is again gifting a new boat for Samoa.

Japan to provide Samoa with new passenger-cargo ship  

Japan pledged Wednesday to provide Samoa with a passenger-cargo ship to help the Pacific island nation improve its transportation, as part of Tokyo’s initiative to realize a “Free and Open Indo-Pacific.”

Under an agreement reached during Samoan Prime Minister Tuilaepa Lupesoliai Sailele Malielegaoi’s visit to Japan, Tokyo will provide ¥2.5 billion ($23 million) in grant aid to build the ship.

Stopping Abandoned Babies A Big Job

Babies who are abandoned and left to die is an ongoing tragedy the Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi has accepted as longstanding.

 But he was careful at suggesting how to stop it, when the issue was put to him during his weekly media session on national radio yesterday.

The body of a newborn baby girl found at the Mulifanua Wharf last weekend prompted his reaction.

MY SAY : Rise And Fall Of King Liar

The allegations in the King Faipopo court hearing that reopened in detail the assassination of the late Minister of Works, Luagalau Levaula Kamu, is shameful at the very least.

The deliberate voicing of these allegations that were later admitted in court to be made up must be condemned in the highest terms.

How do you reconcile made up stories with the reopening of the wounds that took the family of the slain Cabinet Minister years of grief to heal?

Dear Oh Dear ……we have trigger happy politicians

Kiwi PM Ardern must be watching Stui closely. Our guy has only recently reshuffled his Cabinet and this week she is doing the same with hers.

Ok Stui don’t get your shoulders up.  Don’t even think she’s stalking you.

Well…if she is then she must be impressed with your archery skills.

By the way did anyone hear the whispers in the House that Stui was into gun shooting as well but gave up?  He didn’t think he had the reflexes for it.

MY SAY : Nothing Special About Being A Normal Person

PM Tuilaepa made quite an impression on his recent visit to Fiji by wandering around the Suva market like an ordinary citizen, chatting up the vendors and showing his human side.

The Fiji media picked up on the uncharacteristic activities for a prominent political leader and made him a people’s champion.

The report did not say whether Bainimarama take similar walks in a busy public place in the Fijian capital.

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