Attempted Murder

Frysna Rimoni testimony spans four hours in closed court

Testimony from Frysna Rimoni, the victim in the attempted murder trial who was allegedly shot in the face by Peter Tulaga, spanned approximately four hours last Wednesday, taking up most of the time on day two of Tulaga's trial in the Supreme Court.

Rimoni provided her evidence long distance from New Zealand via video link in the absence of the media and members of the public who were ordered to leave the courtroom for that part of the trial.

Video link problems push Tulaga trial to five days

Video link difficulties that delayed proceedings for about two hours on Wednesday have caused the Supreme Court to extend the attempted murder trial for Peter Tulaga from four to five days.

Two overseas doctors who treated the victim Frysna Rimoni in New Zealand, were not available to testify Thursday and Friday.

The doctors were initially scheduled to testify on Wednesday, the same day Rimoni provided evidence from New Zealand via video link.

Gory findings emerge on day three of Tulaga trial

Gory details from the police search in the bedroom where Ms. Frysna Rimoni was allegedly shot in the face, emerged Thursday when officers testified in the attempted murder trial of Peter Tulaga.

Pieces of human flesh, teeth, bone fragments, blood-stained sheets, curtains and clothing were found during a three-day investigation at the crime scene, a home in Vailoa belonging to Tulaga's mother.

Prominent farmer court trial for attempted murder of alleged lover starts

The trial for Peter Tulaga, the prominent farmer charged with attempted murder for allegedly shooting his lover during an argument at his Vailoa home in January, began Tuesday morning in the Supreme Court.

Supreme Court Justice Tafaoimalo Leilani Tuala Warren is presiding in the trial by judge and five assessors – two women and three men.

Prosecution plans to call more than 30 witnesses including the victim Fresna Rimoni who will testify via video link.

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