Dear Oh Dear ….and the wrath of a woman boils over.

 When a woman pours boiling water on a man who happens to be the husband. 99.9 and a half percent of the blame is on the man.

Well, it does feel that way with social media reaction.  There’s a court ruling pending on a woman who said she did splash boiling water on her man.

A three day stay at the hospital restored his good health minus a skin patch.  Didn’t actually say where on the body but at least he’s walking around –that’s the most important part.

Mystery Lingers Over Tuanaimato Double Death

Mystery lingers over the cause of death last Wednesday of a man and woman found inside the backseat of a car at the Tuanaimato Sports Complex.

The bodies are held at the TTM Hospital morgue for a post mortem that police is hoping would pin point the cause of death.

Police was unable to confirm any visible injuries to the bodies of the deceased, despite evidence of blood found on the body of the car.

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