Kolani Jr. Lam

Prosecution Goes After Suicide Defence in CEO Death

Deidre Fanene

Murder accused Kolani Jr. Lam, faced strong state prosecution assertions to discredit claims that his CEO wife Sa’u Justina Sa’u, committed suicide.

“There was a time when Justina said “ua ou fia oki” (I want to die),” Lam responded at being cross-examined by the state prosecutor, Magele Leone Mailo.

Court Hearing Starts For Kolani Jr. Lam

The long awaited court hearing started today, Monday 1 October 2019, for Kolani Jr. Lam, who is charged with the murder of his wife, the late Sa’u Justina Sa’u, CEO of the Unit Trust of Samoa UTOS.

The 38-year-old Lam was arrested last November 2018 and charged with the murder of Sa’u who was allegedly strangled.

Justice Mata Tuatagaloa is presiding in the Supreme Court hearing.

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