Justice Mata Tuatagaloa, Oral Ruling On Kolani Jnr. Lam Murder Of CEO Wife Sa'u Justina Sa'u, Supreme Court Thursday 19 December 2019 

Counsels a full written judgment with reasons will be provided at a later date but this is the court’s brief decision in oral.

Defendant Kolani Lam is charged with three main offenses, the charge of murder, the alternative charge of manslaughter, the assault and the attempt to defeat the course of justice.

I’ll deal first with the assault and the attempt to defeat the course of justice before I can deal with the murder charge.


BREAKING NEWS : Kolani Jnr. Lam Guilty Of Murder

By Deidre Fanene


Kolani Junior Lam, was ruled guilty a few hours ago in court for the murder of his wife, CEO Sa’u Justina Sa’u.

Justice Mata Tuatagaloa sentenced him to automatic life imprisonment for murder at the Tanumalala Prison.

Lam was also found guilty of ‘Attempting To Defeat The Course of Justice” when he tried to influence the testimony of a key witness in the murder hearing.

Court Ruling Unlikely Before Xmas In CEO Murder Hearing

Deidre Fanene

Justice Mata Tuatagaloa, has advised legal counsels in the Supreme Court hearing of the alleged murder of CEO Sa’u Justina Sa’u by her husband Kolani Jr. Lam, not to expect a ruling before Christmas.

Justice Tuatagaloa, who presided over the hearing, was supposed to hear final submissions by counsels on both sides yesterday, but there were delays.

A new date is set for the 27th of November 2019 for the court to hear submissions.

Dropped Hat Clued Police In To Attackers

A dropped hat was all the police were able to work from to successfully track the attackers who killed a Chinese national last Saturday night at Vaitele.

A proud Commissioner Fuiavailili Egon Keil was quick to lavish praise on the police investigating team for their success, acting on very little evidence.

He also commended the response from the Faleata police station for arriving quickly at the Vaitele compound of the Pacific Trade Industrial Company, to secure the scene of the crime.

Investigating Officer’s ‘Vigeka’ Tree Branch Evidence Challenged

Deidre Fanene


The actual height of the ‘Vigeka’ tree branch where the body of CEO Sa’u Justina Sa’u, was found hanging, was strongly disputed by the defence in the findings by the police investigations.

Police senior sergeant Sonny Afu, gave evidence on the second week of hearing, where his observations of the size of the star fruit tree referred to as the ‘vigeka’ was hotly disputed by the defence counsel.

Pathologist Report Doubts Suicide As Cause Of CEO Death

Deidre Fanene

Australian pathologist Dr. Paul Botterill revealed in court today, CEO Sa’u Justina Sa’u, died from ‘a neck compression most likely from strangulation, with the use of fingers or a rope or even both.’

Dr. Botterill also pointed to additional injuries found under the skin surface of the neck with increased damaged of the voice box.

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