Where does waste go on a small island?

UN Environment Programme:  Behind a family home not far from downtown Apia, a small mountain of computer cases teeters in the tropical sun at over 3 metres high. Nearby, stacks of thousands of circuit boards create rolling green foothills. Steel drums, plastic buckets and fraying carboard boxes dot this electronic landscape—overflowing reservoirs of connectors, transistors and wires.

NZ Opposition MP ‘Very Disappointed With 'Export' of measles to Pacific’

A New Zealand Opposition MP is ‘very disappointed with New Zealand's export of measles to its Pacific neighbours

National MP Shane Reti wants New Zealand to help its Pacific neighbours tackle the disease.

The total number of suspected measles cases in Samoa is at 213 as of the 22 October  2019.

PM Akilisi Pohiva Mourned By Minister From Apia

Tonga’s Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Semisi Tauelangi Fakahau was forced to mourn the passing of his Prime Minister Akilisi Pohiva from Apia this week.

News of the passing reached him while attending the ACP Ministerial conference hosted by Samoa.

He struggled through heavy emotions to come to terms with the loss of ‘a great friend’ when asked by Newsline Samoa at the TATTE convention center  where the ministers were meeting.

Regional Centre Opens In Search Of Climate Change Answers

Island states in the forum region has taken a firm step in the quest for answers to the threat of climate change, with the opening of the $30m tala Pacific Climate Change Centre yesterday.

The 2-storey building is at the South Pacific Regional Environment Programme, SPREP, locations at Vailima.

It is fully powered by solar energy, will house research on climate change by regional scientists and climate experts working together.

Border security plan for 2019 Pacific Games drafted


Immigration officers from five Pacific countries have created a draft border security or management plan for the 2019 Pacific Games that will be hosted by Samoa 7-20 July.

Coming up with the plan was a key activity for 10 officers who completed the  four-day Pacific Border Management and Training of Trainers Programme that closed Friday afternoon in Apia.

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