MY SAY : Nothing Special About Being A Normal Person

PM Tuilaepa made quite an impression on his recent visit to Fiji by wandering around the Suva market like an ordinary citizen, chatting up the vendors and showing his human side.

The Fiji media picked up on the uncharacteristic activities for a prominent political leader and made him a people’s champion.

The report did not say whether Bainimarama take similar walks in a busy public place in the Fijian capital.

Dear Oh Dear ……and so they mourn

Condolences to all the fans of GOT’s, Daenarys Targaryen, in their moment of sorry and grief. 

Jon Snow did the right thing. The woman was going mad like her dad. Her dragon would have wasted the whole of Westeros.

If you want a villain, it’s that little Lannister fella with the dwarf body and the big brains.  He’s the one who talked Jon Snow into plunging the killing dagger into the heart of his beloved Mother of the Dragons.

MY SAY : Thank You For Your Blessings President Nelson

President Russell Marion Nelson is not the first leader of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to grace Samoa with their presence.

He is the third in the series of country calls made by a serving head of the church.

The church leader’s arrival yesterday and devotional service last night was brief but easily the biggest for the members of the faith who awaited with excited anticipation the visit.

Dear Oh Dear …… man shall not live on too much bread

Officially the ‘Malua Fono Tele’ is about church matters! Unofficially it’s ‘ fafaga’ time.

Feed for the conference delegates is no easy matter.

The job falls on families both in and outside the faith. The unspoken rule is to make sure no delegate member is found hungry – it has never happened.

Will it happen? Delegates do starve but willingly for a higher moral or divine cause – it’s called ‘aso’ or fasting.

MY SAY: Church Is Where People Invest In Prayers Not OneCoin

Is this OneCoin affair a blessing or a scandal? Why are some of the churches allegedly involved?

We have to beam critical attention to this issue immediately and clear the air before it goes any further and risk ruin to innocent cryptocurrency investors.

The quickest and most effective way to do that is for Government to set up a Commission of Inquiry.

Surprising we are not hearing even a peep from the Prime Minister and his ever alert Cabinet.

Dear Oh Dear …..when Stui the archer takes aim, run...fast.

Agree that Stui is a Pacific Games medal winning archer, but that was 12 years ago. C’mon!

He’s pushing 90 now, so the aging process is sprinting all over the body.

The muscles have long shriveled and weakened and the reflexes are gone – absolutely.

Stui can boast of his elephant heart but there’s no way the speed of his reflexes will catch that lumbering elephant he took his heart from in a race.

Dear Oh Dear …….the things they say and write

Here is a quote that was in the news this week:

"There is a country whose head has been kicked hard by kangaroos, and now seeks to befriend us."

If you’re in a guessing game, naming the country whose head was ‘kicked hard by kangaroos’ is easy.

What is the country that pops right into your head when it comes to kangaroos? Australia! Of course it is.

MY SAY: Make Those Fleeting Moments Last

When the Manu Samoa team toured Fiji in 1981 players complained about the hotel food.

Aggie Grey’s beef stir fry with apples and ice cream for dessert while in training camp back home in Samoa, had spoiled everyone and they missed them in Suva.

The team management took issue with the Fiji Rugby Union over the menu.

Arrangements were then made for a selected village inside urban Suva to organise the food for the team.

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