Leone residents still affected by Vaisigano River Overflow

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  • Safuneituuga Maoluma Ianuari, complaining Leone resident
    Safuneituuga Maoluma Ianuari, complaining Leone resident

The troublesome Vaisigano River is still giving residents along its banks difficulties even with flood protection walls running on both sides, all the way to the sea.

The Leone village community is struggling with a drainage system that is not working.

Rain water pooled on family properties instead of being drained into the river as the drainage system was designed for.

Safuneituuga Maoluma Ianuari, who has been living in Leone for more than 60 years complained to Newsline Samoa about the failed drainage system affecting their home properties.

"The drainage system does not relieve the water stress in the community it ironically floods the area and it is bad when it rains,” Safuneituuga said.

“The drainage facing inland doesn't release water but brings water inside the village and behind the wall, the flood affects our properties and it is worst even with the recent rain.

“The water sits there until the overflowing river lowers and then the water starts to flow into the river.

"Ever since the river walls have been built, the problem never stops there. The problem deteriorates as water remains in the village for quite some time."

Safuneituuga admitted that before the wall was built, the wide drainage system managed to get rid of the water that the river floods the village with. After the wall was built, there is not much change is experienced as the impact hasn't been decreased.

"Before the wall was built, the drainage system was very wide and could handle the flood. The water even though floods the properties was released earlier than now. After the river wall was built, the drainage system installed was not functional as it does not until this day release the water back promptly. It not only brings the water inside the village, it is horrific as the effects are unforgiving as we work really hard to maintain the landscape and beautification of our properties, but alas, when the rain comes, we do not want to deal with the aftermath as our gardens are destroyed, outdoor kitchen also destroyed and the clean up takes time and water takes even longer to seep through the drainage system.

Safuneituuga admitted that he has heard of a new project where water pumps will be installed so that water can be sucked out quickly from the community into the river.

Safuneituuga added that although the community appreciates the river wall, the only obstacle is the flood from drainage system that he believes were not properly installed.