Farmers Save Big In Bad Weather With Tunnel Houses

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  • Inside a typical tunnel house that is boosting vegetable farming
    Inside a typical tunnel house that is boosting vegetable farming
  • Tunnel House view from the outside
    Tunnel House view from the outside

The wisdom of vegetable farming inside tunnel houses is proven beyond doubt, after local farmers kept up with the added demands of the recent Pacific Games despite bad weather.

The farmers along with Assistant CEO Moafanua Tolo Iosefa of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Crops Division at Nu’u fully agree.

ACEO Moafanua asserted that tunnel houses offer farmers more than just convenience.

“The houses can withstand any harsh weather condition whether it be a burning hot sun or days of drenching rainfall,” he said.

 “They are durable and the quality of vegetables are not affected and this showed up clearly during the recent Pacific Games.”

 Moafanua said farmers were watching the fluctuating changes in the weather closely and managed to get through with no serious setbacks to the vegetables.

"The houses are designed to protect the soil and vegetables from the damaging effects of rain and the quality of vegetables are protected and maintained."

Tunnels houses are now largely available to an increasing number of farmers partly due to the Chinese support agriculture project based at Nu’u.

 Farmers registered under the project have benefitted by making it possible to own a tunnel house.

Having a tunnel house gives the farmers an all year growing season and is now a firm reality for many of them in Samoa now.

Moafanua did admit to farmers becoming wary of water supplies during recent hot days.

"The Chinese partnership which help with tunnel houses also lend a hand in providing water in some areas where water is a problem.

“The Ministry also helped out and while tunnel houses are made to help veggies withstand the heat, the only stumbling block is the availability of water.”

The farming community in part of Aleisa posed a water threat but with better management and the help of partners things worked out well.

Farmers were determined to care for their vegetables and rose to the challenge to maintain required standards.

Tunnels houses are made of the highest quality materials to enhance durability, strength and growing power.

A tunnel house assures an all year growing season for any farmer.