Winning Start In Badminton Singles

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  • Kennedy Simanu wins first singles match in badminton
    Kennedy Simanu wins first singles match in badminton

Samoa started off the individual event in badminton yesterday with a win over Northern Marianas.

It is an exciting and uplifting start for Kennedy Simanu on the first day of the individual event  when he beat Nathan Mariano Mendiola Guerrero  from the Northern Marianas 4 sets to 3.

“ It was a tough game because the Northern Mariana player  is  good but the strong support from the Samoan spectators and the team spurred me on. I was also able to strategise and that also helped me to win,” Simanu said.

The 31 year old  policeman  told Newsline he is determined to win a medal for Samoa and he would like to maintain a winning streak.

Simanu picked up badminton two years ago and  the 2019 Pacific Games is his first international competition.

Local players introduced him to the sport  and he found out that it is the sport for him.

Before the Games Simanu went to China for coaching by Chinese coaches and he said that immensely lifted his performance.

Simanu is from the village of Magiagi.