Samoa Opens With Win Over Tahiti In Beach Volleyball  

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  • First off win for Samoa at the start of Beach Volleyball competition
    First off win for Samoa at the start of Beach Volleyball competition

The men’s double gave Samoa a winning start with a win against Tahiti in Beach Volleyball, in the first day of competition in the Pacific Games yesterday.

Neval Stowers and Eneliko Tui won two out of three sets (24-22, 21-12, 15-11) against their opponents.

The 20 year old Stowers confessed to Newsline Samoa that they had to really fight to win the first set to win by two points.

He added that they both were discouraged when they lost in the second set, with 9 points behind when the time was up.

" Tahiti was our toughest opponent and we were up against a very experienced team,” Stowers said.

“We were lucky to win the first set but still it was quite challenging. We had to use every single skill we had ever practiced  because we didn't want to lose on our home soil in our first game."

Stowers admitted it was disappointing losing the second set when the Tahitians bounced back to win 21 -12.

He felt the pressure with each team tied at one set a piece with the final and deciding set left.

“For me, I was scared and very worried but was thrilled and couldn't believe  when we pulled off the win.”

The winning pair sighed major relief from the pressure of the home fans cheering them on despite the bad weather.

Stowers is prepared for the long road ahead with still more games to play and his focus is to remain consistent.

"Nothing is impossible with God and if we are consistent in our trainings and preparations as well as our performances on the field, things will be fine.

“We need to stay positive to get ahead and win.”