PNG Deny Bronze For Samoa Netballers

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  • PNG on the attack
    PNG on the attack
  • Netball acrobatics
    Netball acrobatics
  • Aggressive ladies
    Aggressive ladies

Papua New Guinea took an early jump on the scoring board and as the playing quarters ticked over they kept adding the points.

Samoa tried to keep up and overtake but the ladies from PNG were sharp and fast.

Even during warm up the PNGs were in serious medal winning mood that by the end of the first half they were in a comfortable 15 goals lead with a 31 -16 score.

Samoa tried to lift their pace in the second half but the 35-64 final score showed the results of their chase attempts.

The gold and silver medals battle between the Cook Islands and Tonga turned into a high tension affair.

The Cook Is. 44-43 winning margin is the best way to described the drama and the trauma.  The winning score cannot get any closer than how it all ended.

Cook Is. will turn up in the Solomon Is. for the next Pacific Games the defending champion. The silver medal belongs to Tonga and bronze to Papua New Guinea.