Out Of Family Turmoil Rises A Star

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  • Celebrating Feagaiga (inset)  Mother Maofaivavega Lokou Ausage
    Celebrating Feagaiga (inset) Mother Maofaivavega Lokou Ausage

When Team Samoa weightlifters challenge the weights in competition at the Pacific Games, an 18 year old among them will need no introduction to the home fans.

Her name is Feagaiga Stowers and she is already a star. 

Hot out of winning gold and silver at the recent World Weightlifting Championship in Fiji, she is a blazing favourite for top honours at the Tuanaimato Gym 1 weightlifting venue.

As her fans track her every move hoisting the heavy bar overhead, one person will be watching with a huge sense of relief, pride, joy and deep gratitude as young girl's potential continues to unfold. 

Maofaivavega Lokou Ausage, knows all there is to know about Feagaiga.  Nobody knows her child better than a mother.

Maofaivavega will recall the troubled times her family of 7 children went through as she was breaking up with their father.

The difficult process reached the point when she looked for the help of the Samoa Victim Support Group, SVSG, for a safe place for her girls to live, Feagaiga included.

The twist of fate turned on its good side when the Samoa Weightlifting Association started a recruiting programme for young talents at the SVSAG Tuanaimato refuge.

Feagaiga was there at the right place and at the right time for her talent to be discovered.

“My daughter was placed with the SVSG because I just thought that it would be right to seek help at the time I was going through a divorce,” Maofaivavega admitted.

“I will always be indebted to SVSG and their undying support and love to my daughter. They offered to help when I needed help the most and this goes to the president of weightlifting as well.

“These Samaritans have made a huge impact on the life of my daughter and I will always remain humbled and grateful for their support.”

Ausage described her daughter as a person of huge determination and takes advantage of opportunities, so is not surprised by her success.

“Feagaiga is obedient and humble.  She has a gentle personality and hardly ever talks unless she knows her company well.

“She has been a blessing to our family and not a day goes by that I don’t remind her that putting God first in her life is going to make a difference.”

The proud mother feels added blessings to see Feagaiga support her younger siblings with their schooling.

“Feagaiga is very mindful of our family issues and she contributes with plans to help her younger siblings do well too.”

She acknowledged at the same time the love and encouragement she has from people who are pushing her along to reach her full potential in her sport.