Kiribati’s Katoatau Made Himself A Hero

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  • An injured David Katoatau
    An injured David Katoatau
  • Strongman Katotau
    Strongman Katotau
  • Dancing Katotau
    Dancing Katotau

When David Katoatau walked away from the Mens 102kg competition yesterday he took with him 2 golds in the clean and jerk and the overall total.

He added silver in the snatch to his overall contribution to the Kiribati medal tally.

 But it was a strange outing for him.

One minute he was delighting the crowd with his graceful dancing after a successful lift yet by the time the competition ended he was in agony from a shoulder injury.

The injury came in his final lift in the clean and jerk. 

Fortunately, he was able to rack up enough weights to win his two gold before his injury  when one of his closest Samoan rival bombed out by missing all his three lifts in the clean and jerk.

Despite the pain of his injury, the dancing Katoatau gave out a huge smile when he stood on the podium, knowing that he has made his home country Kiribati proud.

He is destined to receive a hero’s welcome on arrival back in Tarawa, Kiribati.