Games In Good Health So Far

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  • Everything working out fine Motootua
    Everything working out fine Motootua
  • Leausa Dr. Take Naseri Director General Of Health
    Leausa Dr. Take Naseri Director General Of Health

Apart from an early malaria case and treatment for the driver of a rental car in an accident, the Games have stayed healthy so far.

Ministry of Health Director General Leausa Dr. Take Naseri is a relieved man.

‘We have medical teams located in selected areas of the sporting venues and so far there have been no major health concerns,” Leausa told Newsline Samoa.

He did officially confirmed a case of malaria in one of the visiting team members, who was tested positive when he developed a fever.

“He must have carried the virus in him for a while and it only reacted when he came to Samoa,” Leausa confirmed.

“We kept him in isolation for two days while undergoing treatment and he’s all cleared up now.”

Leausa hastened to assure that there is no malaria in Samoa so the risk of infection are not a major worry.

The Director General was also aware of car accident injuries to one of the visiting team members.

“He was driving a rental car down from the Papaseea Sliding Rock road when the crash occurred.

“I understand the driver is not used to driving on our side of the road at home and must have strayed to the wrong side, driving away from the tourist spot.”

An earlier medical check around the Multi-Sports Centre confirmed the relatively quiet health clinic.

One of the registered nurses manning the clinic, Va’a Taulapapa, said they were handling mainly complaints of sore body muscles.

  “ There were some overseas athletes who had diarrhoea. They are now okay,” Taulapapa said.

“There were three cases of people referred to the hospital for further observations.”

Taulapapa added that some of the athletes dropped in for checks on their blood pressure and sugar levels.

The medical service are working closely with the Fire and Emergency Services Authority FESA.  An ambulance is on standby at all times.

Apia is hosting more than 5 thousand athletes and officials for the Games.