Daughter’s Bronze Medal Gift For Father’s Birthday

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  • Naifoua Tise Timani with her parents, Mouena Tuamsaga and Tuamsaga Fua
    Naifoua Tise Timani with her parents, Mouena Tuamsaga and Tuamsaga Fua

A reminder to her archery daughter that she was competiting on the same day as his birthday, became a medal winning inspiration for Naifou Tise Timani  from her father.

Her father was celebrating his 58th birthday last Friday the same day Naifou took her bow and arrow to the range in compeititon  for a medal in the Pacific Games XVI archery competition.

By then she was already set to win a birthday present for her day. The present turned out to be a bronze medal.

Tuamasaga Fua from Gataivai Savaii and Saleimoa was in tears when he was handed his birthday present.

His first reaction was to thank God for a daughter who had given him an unforgettable present in his life.

“ When I heard my daughter was going to compete for a bronze in the mixed compound team I wanted to inspire her to win another medal for Samoa,” Tuamasaga said.

“ I reminded her that it was my birthday that day and winning a medal for Samoa is the best gift she could present for me,” Tuamasaga told Newsline.

“ When my daughter was successful in her event I thanked God for He knew that what was my heart was for my daughter to get a medal.

“ My daughter has put our family on a pedestal.”

Naifoua had remembered her father’s birthday and she dearly wanted to win a medal to surprise her father. But she was surprised when her father reminded her and that winning a medal would be the best gift she could give him. She did that.

Naifoua has had a great start to a game which she reluctantly picked up and introduced to it in less than a year.

It is 8 months since the 19 year old  has picked up archery and admitted she was reluctant to continue as she felt it was not a sport for her.

 “ I  was not fully committed to it, ” Naifoua told Newsline.

Naifoua said she was introduced to archery by her uncle Muaausa Joseph Walter.

“ He encouraged us to try out archery. Now I know I have talent for this sport.”

Naifoua won also a bronze medal in the women’s match play compound.