MY SAY : Rise And Fall Of King Liar

About the author:

Mataeliga Pio Sioa, Newsline Samoa newspaper editor. A veteran journalist in broadcast and print media.

  • Malele Paulo awaits his legal fate when the court rules on his admission of guilt for defamatory allegations against the PM
    Malele Paulo awaits his legal fate when the court rules on his admission of guilt for defamatory allegations against the PM

The allegations in the King Faipopo court hearing that reopened in detail the assassination of the late Minister of Works, Luagalau Levaula Kamu, is shameful at the very least.

The deliberate voicing of these allegations that were later admitted in court to be made up must be condemned in the highest terms.

How do you reconcile made up stories with the reopening of the wounds that took the family of the slain Cabinet Minister years of grief to heal?

Malele Paulo alias King Faipopo confirmed he lied when he pleaded guilty in court.

His legal punishment is pending.

We wait the court sentencing.

However the court rules, is it going to stop the on going ruin of innocence by stories deliberately fabricated on social media, to bring shock and shame to the unsuspecting victim/s?

Not a betting chance! Highly doubtful!

The ‘absolute freedom’ of popular sites like Facebook continues to encourage malice to lurk, literally in the shadows, to incite and give birth to more King Faipopo.

Malice by nature has no respect for the integrity of the innocent and the upstanding, who slaved over a lifetime of work to build a good name and respected standing in society for loved ones to be proud of.

As long as characters like OLP gets away with ‘absolute freedom’ to defame  beyond the reach of the law, personal agendas and envy will always breed malice.

The one redeeming factor for ‘King Faipopo’ is that he did reveal his true identity.  Love of his mother who passed away forced him to return from the legal protection of his adopted country of Australia to attend her funeral.

Whether or not he was provoked by the shadows of social media to deliberately defame the PM, are unlikely to be openly admitted.   

Sadly for King Faipopo those social media shadows are not around to share the legal burden that is about to weigh entirely on his shoulders.

Government on the other hand is virtually helpless to do anything about these cowardly shadows sniveling behind the invisible cloak of anonymity.

All they have done so far is to do the big scary talk that OLP has exposed at will, as all bluff and no balls.

The only hope for the innocent against the malice festered on social media is to stay strong and resolute.  Stand tall and let the venom of spite run its full course.

Justice will always prevail.  When King Faipopo confessed to the lies he propagated online, he gouged out a sizable chunk of credibility that made him a hero of malice on social media.

What would the likes of OLP have to say now about the admission of guilt by this big time social media hero?

At least for this poor misguided individual he has apologised to the people of Samoa by admitting in court he is a liar.

But that is one down and more to come when a new successor to the King Faipopo notoriety shows up.

The cowardice of ‘absolute freedom’ lurking in the shadows of anonymity like OLP will continue to incite and breed more King Faipopo.

Will the next one spark the same shock of public revelations, for a made up scandal to shame and humiliate whomever is or are being targeted?

The innocent will forever remain vulnerable and helpless to defend against the gutless and despicable ‘shadows of malice and spite’.

But if it will help comfort and console the pain of these spineless attempts to ruin their innocence, keep this undisputed truth in the heart of your armour of defence.

King Faipopo lied.

The next one to succeed him from the cowardly shadows of ‘absolute freedom’ will thus be hailed King Liar.