MY SAY: May The Force Be With You

About the author:

Mataeliga Pio Sioa, Newsline Samoa newspaper editor. A veteran journalist in broadcast and print media.

  • MP La'auli
    MP La'auli

Refusal by rebel HRPP ex-Minister of Agriculture La’auli Polataivao Fosi to sever ties with the ruling party is disappointing. 

It’s probably a bad political move as well going forward.

 The jostling is on within the HRPP’s top echelon to take over at the top when PM Tuilaepa hands in the leadership reins at the end of 2020.

Maybe the political swirl is not physically visible yet but it is churning.  The invisible search is for the person where the force is strong.

  Yoda or Obe Wan are the best ones to sniff them out for us, but they are too far out in the galaxies of Star Wars to be contacted.

What that means from our perception is the ‘force’ could be with anyone, La’auli included.

In his particular case, if the ‘force’ is strong with him, why would he need the HRPP?

He definitely was a force when he protested the political rights of Savai’i, to retain their lost seat in Parliament.

He was quite dramatic by loudly claiming that the changes under the Electoral Boundaries Act have deprived the big island of their rights.

Unlike several other protesting MPs from Savai’i who still voted for the legislation, he alone stood in defiance of the HRPP voting might and the alleged injustice done to his beloved island.

After establishing all that force of righteous fury in an heroic but doomed deed, his rebellious presence was elevated to the top of Mt. Silisili.

There he stood thumbing his warrior chest, the sound smacking like rolling thunder, for every Savaiian to look up to in shock and awe.

Behold! From the lofty heights of the highest peak on the island stands La’auli Leuatea Polataivao Fosi Schmidt, MP from Gagaifomauga No. 3, protector of the inalienable political rights of Savai’i, former Speaker of Parliament , Cabinet Minister and hero.

With all that respect he has built for himself is he not a force worth noting as a legitimate heir apparent for Tuilaepa’s throne?

He has not only displayed valor but proved himself a person of principle.

He stood for what he believes is right, even at the considerable expense of being banished from the bosom of his beloved political party.

Being forced to resign his Cabinet portfolio will count against his leadership credentials, but it was not out of guilt or any wrongdoing, but for the sake of the party.

He offered himself to be a sacrificial lamb for the HRPP when he resigned his Cabinet seat.

The Prime Minister himself commended him highly for his unselfish act of concern not for himself as an individual but for what he believes is a higher cause for a greater good.

The commendation from the leader of the nation is endorsement of outstanding character at the highest level.

All added, La’auli’s personal achievements stand him out as a man where the force is bubbling.  It is there for anyone to feel without too much strain.

He is a leader whose presence on top of Mt. Silisili is most fitting.  It is not just the highest peak on the big island but in all of the islands that is Samoa.

If the force is strong with La’auli he has no need to be affiliated to any political party.  The MPs will naturally gravitate to where the force is dominant and that dominance is already part of his aura.

The only challenge he has to look out for is the concentration of the force no just in his political rivals but other contenders not yet coming into the leadership focus.

Our only advice and it is one that we must impress seriously on our Gagaifomauga hero, it is to stay away from the dark side of the force.

For that we pray.