MY SAY : Lets All Make Ourselves Environmentally Worthy

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  • View from the Le Mafa Pass on the day to Aleipata on the east side of Upolu
    View from the Le Mafa Pass on the day to Aleipata on the east side of Upolu

Now that South Africa are the rugby World Champions, lets congratulate their triumph and applaud all the teams who contributed to what became a weekend obsession for a rugby mad country like Samoa.

Our rugby pride, Manu Samoa, was counted among the countries that made up the numbers and we are or were right in there.

We would have loved to see our boys the only ones left standing in the end, like the Springboks lads, but it was not to be. 

Lets keep our hopes and our faith alive because as we are always fond of saying “…e fai aso le ali’i.”

 The day belongs to the Lord and when he choses the day we will hoist the prized rugby trophy, we will all go to church and be religious.

For now, it is time to reel our full attention back, into more important obligations we must take some responsibility for.

We have our National Conservation Week, underway starting tomorrow. Big words like resilience and sustainability are being thrown around loosely like a coconut rugby ball that will leave a nice big lump on the forehead if you missed the catch.

What they simply means is for all of us to look after our environment. There are so many ways we are told we can do that like planting trees, cleaning up the rubbish like plastics and not polluting.

Pop around to a whole range of activities the MNRE is organising throughout the week, and learn more about how you can contribute effectively.

The more you learn about saving our environment the better you will understand why we have to keep our natural surroundings in good shape.

By now there is probably very little about climate change that we are not aware of already.

Not only have we learned so much but have actually lived through some of the frightening experiences that are the direct result of climate change.

Howling winds, flying rooftops, flooding homes and business work places, damaged roads and other valuable infrastructures.

The list is long and the longer and stronger natures wrecking ball forces, dragged their presence over the rest of the country, the more it adds to our woes.

We have seen it happened many times so it does not need that much convincing of the responsibilities we have to take up.

During this National Conservation Week, we could start simple by planting a tree in an open space where it will be able to grow easily.

No point in squeezing it under the shadows of the bigger trees where it will whittle and withered away from not getting the rays of the sun it needs to grow and be useful to the environment.

The MNRE officials are the people who know what has to be done so go there and hear them out. 

You don’t have to plant a whole forest. Just one small little seedling, if you can get one, is a good start.

You never know what your interest have in store for you.  Once it kicks in you may end up loving it so much you may indeed plant a forest, they have to  stop you from crossing over into another family’s property.

Take an interest. It is our environment and if we don’t protect and look after it nobody else will.

We also suffer the consequences not somebody else.

Support our National Conservation Week.