Dear Oh Dear……zap that damn zoo

  • Wild animals in the zoo
    Wild animals in the zoo

So we’re going to have a zoo? This is a joke right? Please say it is.

If we can’t even look after our pet animals how are we expected to feed and watch over a zoo full of animals every day?

One of the main services by the police a while back is to catch stray dogs in the streets of Apia and put them up in dog pens at Tuanaimato.

Some had to be neutered to stop the wanton breeding. So what is with this zoo nonsense about? 

We once brought in a few lions for a circus and it raised a stink of animal cruelty at the way they were looked after.

Are we going to bring in lions and tigers for our zoo? What if they escape?

If it is taking us months and months to catch a couple of escaped prisoners still on the run, imagine what those man eating animals on the loose can do for that long?

This can’t be Stui’s idea. He’s a cattle man. He can’t have lions and tigers running around eating up his cows!

Tourists are not coming to Samoa to see our zoo either! Most of the animals we may put there are imported from countries where these visitors come from.

This zoo idea is silly. Stop it.

“….you’re always chasing wild pigs, go catch one for the zoo, dear