Dear Oh Dear……what birthday suit to wear

  • What to wear that fits
    What to wear that fits

If you’re wondering why there is a sudden surge in special days we have to commemorate, you’re welcome to join the club.

We marked during the week a press freedom, firefighters and even a tuna’s day to mention just a few.

Stumbled onto a person anxious at whether there was going to be a ‘naked gardening’ day.  Someone mentioned there was going to be one.

What does one wear on such a day? This was the nagging worry. The problem for this person was deciding which birthday suit to wear that will fit the occasion.

The first one he started off with had long since become too tight to fit. The one currently in use is badly faded, wrinkled and limp.

Who knows what else is going to be needed?

“…..birthday suit is going to need a lot of sunscreen cream, dear