Dear Oh Dear…….those rock bottom popularity ratings

  • Not very 'happy chappies'
    Not very 'happy chappies'

Wonder what Australia’s popularity rating in the region is after the  ‘condescending and alienating’ fall out from the Tuvalu Forum?

Probably very low….as in the very bottom low.

The island leaders, including the lovely PM Jacinda Ardern, did not hold any lasting smiles as they made their way home.

Stui wasn’t smiling either! But he was not quite in gun blazing mode as his straight shooting Fijian mate, Bainimarama

Someone has to play the ‘old man of wisdom’ role. As the longest serving leader in the region, it was a role he had to take up and did as the regions elder statesman.

His leadership and counsel takes priority over his personal protests, to cool down any hot heads.

It may not improve the popularity ratings of the Ozzie leadership, but they were able to break off without getting into a punch up from overheated emotions.

By the time they get together again in Vanuatu next year, they would probably be hugging and kissing again. 

“….China’s popularity rating must be beyond the ozone layer by now, dear