Dear Oh Dear….sounds of a homeless brain

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  • This is a photo of a homeless person in Auckland NZ, not Apia Samoa,  circulated online.
    This is a photo of a homeless person in Auckland NZ, not Apia Samoa, circulated online.

The easy part is knowing when a person makes a comment that is obviously brainless. 

The hard part is working out if the comment came from the brain or from some other part of the person’s anatomy.  Is it from the heart or lower? 

Take the example of an online posting by Dear Oh Dear that sparked a rage of reaction on the homeless issue in New Zealand.

Dear Oh Dear posted a photo of a homeless woman sitting on the streets.  Right below the photo was the caption; ‘Homeless scene in the streets of Auckland.’

Below the caption was the heading; ‘Dear Oh Dear….homeless in Apia?’  The article asks whether it is possible for such an issue to happen in Samoa.

We have a saying that the effects of lifestyle changes ripple out from Apia to the rural villages and Savai’i. 

If that’s the case, is it possible for the same kind of ripple effect coming from Auckland to Apia with the homeless.

The ‘Homeless in Apia’ headline poses that question.

Where the use or non-use of the brain comes in are the angry, threatening reaction online to the article.

How can a person with a brain complain that the photo is taken in Apia when the caption says it is a street scene in AUCKLAND.   Apologies if the NZ main city is now relocated to Apia.

Some complained it was fake news.  News is about reporting an event.  Example; ‘The cat sits on the mat. It is a brown cat.  The mat is brown too.  The cat sleeps on the mat.”

An observation such as the one made by Dear Oh Dear on the homeless in NZ is not news. It is an opinion based on the news.

Example; The brown cat should not sit on the mat.  It sleeps on the mat so if it has an un-wiped butt it will dirty the mat.”

Very simple.  Can’t get any simpler than that.   If this still doesn’t sink in then it’s not the heart that is doing the thinking but somewhere lower down in the body.

For those thinking with their hearts, there is always the risk of becoming a ‘Jumping Popa.”    Jumping is not the issue. It’s the landing that can cause a stink.

The brain is a marvelous, wondrous piece of body organ folks.  The miracles of life are possible with the brain. Use it.

“… inside the head the only place where the brain is found, dear?