Dear Oh Dear…..once a convict always a convict

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  • Aussies tv crew who were held up in Kiribati
    Aussies tv crew who were held up in Kiribati

Nursing a bit of neck strain after a RNZ report that an Australian TV crew was held up for two days in the Kiribati before they were allowed to leave.

That’s not what gave the poor neck a whiplash! It was the Kiribati claiming the Aussies “gave false and misleading information on their [ immigration] entry form.

The surprised neck jerk was at the thought…‘ hold on, what was that again? It sounds familiar.

“Didn’t someone from Australia also entered false information in his immigration entry form to Samoa?

Ok so he was a Samoan living in Brisbane, but must have picked up the bad habit there.

“….wasn’t he a convict by the time he left Apia, dear?