Dear Oh Dear……me measles and me self Your Honour

  • Measles delay sentencing in court
    Measles delay sentencing in court

The court judge has a point about people using the measles outbreak not to turn up to be sentenced or for hearings of criminal charges they are up against.

Hey the excuse is hard not to accept with all the fears we have about catching the virus.

Even the court has canceled some of its hearing in the youth and family courts for the same reason – there you are.

But as long as you are sick then the judge will look kindly on you.  Whatever you do don’t let on to his/her honour that you were faking it.

The court will probably throw the book at you. You are not only delaying the inevitable if you’re going to be sent to prison but the judge is only human and will show you little mercy for your little tricks.

So do yourself a favour and be a model person who lives by the ‘honesty is the best policy’ philosophy.  If that comes out the judge will hold you up as a role model and give you the trust of being a good citizen at heart who deserves a second chance.

“…..go forth and sin no more, is that how the judge will rule , dear?