Dear Oh Dear……just what the doctor ordered

  • Gold medal winners in weightlifting
    Gold medal winners in weightlifting

Here’s what the doctor prescribed after noting the unbelievable medal haul by the weightlifters up to yesterday……gold medal soup

The silver and bronze medals are flavouring ingredients.

How does that sound?

Ummm ….considering we have 25 gold from our tally of 68 medals as of last night, that’s going to be a lot of soup.

We could end up on a soup diet for the next few weeks.  But if it’s doctor recommended then we’re going to be a very healthy population long after the Pacific Games.

For our gold medal winning athletes it means a double up.  Health-wise, they’re as healthy as they’ll ever be.   Wealth-wise, Government is going to slip them a few banknotes with lots of zeros to bust their wallets and purses.

For the rest of us, we do what we do best….cheer, then go home tired and hungry hoping the family has left you some dinner.

“….gold medal soup, just as the doctor ordered, dear