Dear Oh Dear…..step up or set up?

  • Step up or set up?
    Step up or set up?

It’s hard not to be sceptical at all the goodwill trips starting to gush out noticeably into Samoa and other island neighbours, by our rich neighbour from down under.

Hey, lets be real.  Thank you for the concern but what’s the point of all these community support?

 We have to fix up climate change first or it will drown out the good work done when the islands are underwater.

Before that, they could be blown into the sky by cyclones or washed into the deep ocean by tsunamis?

If our rich neighbour truly wants to help, cut their emission levels down.  The islands have asked for that already and it fell on dead ears.

A world of good will come out of cutting down on those dangerous gases instead of these goodwill visits.

Obviously the intentions are good but in the end, they’ll just rise into the skies as emissions of doubt, at the sincerity of the gestures.

More will wonder if it’s a ‘step up’ or a ‘set up’?

“….are the Chinese in there somewhere as part of the bigger picture, dear?