Dear Oh Dear………bananas ripe for a fight

  • Watch out, ripe banana fight
    Watch out, ripe banana fight


Are we having a banana fight or is one brewing? It does seem there’s one shaping up unless someone has gone bananas, no pun intended.

On one side is the Minister of Agriculture, on the other a former Minister of Cabinet turn banana farmer.

The Ag. Minister is accused of slapping a ban on banana exports after the NZ Quarantine trashed a recent local shipment.

The ex-Minister who was involved with the shipment knew nothing about the ban.

Both sides have had their say and so it stands ladies and gentlemen.  On the blue corner is a ban loving minister and on the red corner a surprised former minister.

Is Stui going to ring the bell for the start of the fight or as promoter of both contestants, he’s going to give them each a ripe banana and send them home?

“…..better not be green bananas or they’ll injure each other, dear?


Fiji Airways canceled a flight yesterday several booked travellers were caught in a rush to re-route travel plans.  Luckily, there were two other flights leaving Faleolo for Auckland they were able to catch.

The new route made it possible for them to catch connecting flights without being held up with long delays.

Travel time and efforts are wasted if they don’t meet deadlines.

Time is critical for these travellers. Some have important meetings or business to take care, they must either be on time or missed out.

Time won’t even bat an eyelid when it ticks past your deadline – sorry.  Tick tock tick tock.

“……canceled flights are not new but should not be a habit, dear


Just as well you don’t get cancer from watching porn. that is according to current medical knowledge.

  Anyways, our local cancer society discovered during the week that their website was hacked.

All their visitors were re-directed to porn sites.

Now, why would anyone want to do that to a life serving and saving website?

So many sickos wandering the online world it is frightening.  Some people get their kicks from being weird it’s unfortunate there are many who don’t know they are weird.

Just as well our cancer society folks are forgiving and not vengeful enough to wish cancer on the hackers.  Still, if one of the hackers do get cancer and in need of the society’s help,  play it safe and not let on you’re the hacker.

People are forgiving, but they’re not angels.

“…..there are fallen angels too, is that what you’re saying, dear?