Dear Oh Dear …..were you never told to look where you’re going?

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  • Renovated Ioane Viliamu
    Renovated Ioane Viliamu

The next time you walk up the stairs of a renovated 6-storey building look up.

It’s easy not to do that when you’re frustrated at the elevators not working and you’re too puffed to care, as you struggled up to the 3rd floor.

What you may not want is to be shocked by glancing up and inches from your face, are the sharp ends of several plastic pipes.

You were so busy with your problems you had no idea there was another person in front of you struggling to carry those pipes up the stairs.

Poor lighting in the stairway did little to help your sight either

Blood pressure shoots up and you’re pumping those tired legs up the stairs yelling abuse at the pipe carrier for the near accident to your precious face.

It was only after your rage settled that you find you had climbed right past your 3rd floor to the 4th.

As you walked back down the extra floor your heart almost ceased up on you from all the exertions.  Lesson learned?

“……a mouth to mouth on the lady will fix it if she collapses, dear!