Dear Oh Dear …….the things they say and write

  • Fighting Kangaroos
    Fighting Kangaroos

Here is a quote that was in the news this week:

"There is a country whose head has been kicked hard by kangaroos, and now seeks to befriend us."

If you’re in a guessing game, naming the country whose head was ‘kicked hard by kangaroos’ is easy.

What is the country that pops right into your head when it comes to kangaroos? Australia! Of course it is.

The tough one is the country where that news quote was made? Here are a few clues!  Dragon. Kung Fu. Rice. Frankie.

Actually, the news quote was taken from the social media site WeChat.  It’s not Facebook but the equivalent of Facebook …in….China.

Australia’s media picked up on the quote during a visit by the Aussie PM to China recently.

Makes one wonder what they’ll write about Stui if he was China.

“… about the country hit hard on the head by falling coconuts, dear?