Dear Oh Dear … wadda ya think about the Manu?

  • Game of physical brutality people are crazy over
    Game of physical brutality people are crazy over

It could have been 100-nil or 5- nil, but it would not matter in the least to the reaction of Manu Samoa angry home fans.

Let’s face it, the 34–nil clobbering by Scotland of our boys was an embarrassment for the proud fans.

For most who sat up waiting for the midnight live telecast, it was a pride shattering moment.

 Some of the fans were ready to accept the defeat but were throwing everything into their ‘tapuaiga’ for the boys to score in the dying minutes of the game. 

 At least score some points instead of walking off with eggs in their faces.

It didn’t happen.  The silence that followed was deadly quiet in the early hours of the morning. 

The lucky ones managed to quickly drown their boiling rage in sleep.

Come morning they were a bit more controlled but still in a dark mood, ready to break something.

The ones still in foul mood after tossing and turning all night were lethal.

Innocent heads who had an early night and woke up not knowing the score, were dangerously at risk of minus a head simply by asking.

Rugby! What a dangerous sport on and especially off the field. Maybe we should stop playing it.

“….not with our general elections coming up, dear