Dear Oh Dear ….saved by healthy running kids

  • Some very big Samoans on the track
    Some very big Samoans on the track

Just as well the performers at the opening ceremony were young energetic kids.  The amount of running from one choreographed formation to another, would have taken these kids from the Apia Park to the Faleata Sports Complex and back.

Run is the faster version of jogging and these kids were ‘jog resting’ after almost every run. Remember, these kids were also running on a muddied, energy sapping wet grass paddock.

Now imagine if those kids were as heavy and oversized as some of those tattooed placard carriers leading in the country teams.

We could have had some serious health issues to keep the Red Cross and the ambulance busy all night.

But the kids did very well.  What a spectacle they turned on for the Games opening.

Credit to the choreographers. Nice job people. Made all of us stand tall.

“….with your arthritic knees you did manage to ‘sit tall’, dear


Dear Oh Dear …..not even worth bragging about

With scoring margins ranging from a one sided 5-nil to a ridiculous 13-nil wins, where is the fun in enjoying good competition? 

All it does is make a mockery of a losing side caught way out of their league.

This is soccer and evenly matched teams usually come up with winning margins  of one or two goals only.

Any scores above the three goals difference is not worth 4 large cold ones to boast and brag about afterwards.

With that kind of score line even you won’t want to ramble about it in your old age!

May as well learn how to be a fancy hairdresser and make some ugly people pretty.

“…..people who hide in a closet talk like that, you can’t be one of them, dear


Dear Oh Dear …..heavens above

Security personnel at the multi-purpose hall stopped a vehicle from parking infront of the building.  Stood in front of the car and pointed his finger into the sky.

Driver sat there wondering what was going on. Security kept pointing without a word.

Driver finally waved him over and asked : “ What is the hand for?”

Security gave the driver an officious look and pointed to the car park. “Oh you want me to park over at the car park… why didn’t you say so.”

At the back gate of the Apia Park Stadium, police officer stopped driver and looked inside. Saw the driver’s Games pass and allowed it through. 

Another officer stopped the car and politely asked the driver to back up a little bit for an ambulance to be let through.

Much better than pointing to the sky.

“…. he must have thought you were a bird and should be flying in the sky, dear