Dear Oh Dear …… man shall not live on too much bread

  • MALUA FAFAGA: So much food to go around
    MALUA FAFAGA: So much food to go around

Officially the ‘Malua Fono Tele’ is about church matters! Unofficially it’s ‘ fafaga’ time.

Feed for the conference delegates is no easy matter.

The job falls on families both in and outside the faith. The unspoken rule is to make sure no delegate member is found hungry – it has never happened.

Will it happen? Delegates do starve but willingly for a higher moral or divine cause – it’s called ‘aso’ or fasting.

 Chow is not a worry at Malua.  There is so much to go around, it’s two weeks of good living on left overs for stray cats and dogs in the area.

Abundance is a ‘Fono Tele’ tradition with food, it’s one of the few places where you hear complaints there’s too much.

When the bible says man shall not live by bread alone, it’s saying ‘eat to live’ not ‘live to eat’

“….it’s the same as drink to enjoy not to be silly, dear