Dear Oh Dear ……let’s sMother them guys!

  • For Mother's only
    For Mother's only

Mother’s Day weekend coming up you guys. Time we show the likes of Deputy PM Fiame that we too can do the impossible. Easy.

She loves to throw that in our faces with the unmatched achievement of ‘E Au Le Inailau a Tamaita’i’.

Guys this is the best time for us to fire back by making sure we treat our mothers to the best that we can offer on her special day.

No complaints about doing this every year. It’s not as if you’re asked to buy her a car – a nice dress and a Mother’s Day small envelope is not going to bankrupt anyone.

Mothers are worth every penny of what you spend on her.  You don’t need telling that.

Forget how Fiame and her crowd of agitators claim every day is Father’s day.  Women like her are experts at spreading mis-information.

Mother’s Day guys! Make it good.

“…..looking forward to our day, don’t disappoint me, dear