Dear Oh Dear ……and so they mourn

  • The ending that divided the GOT followers
    The ending that divided the GOT followers

Condolences to all the fans of GOT’s, Daenarys Targaryen, in their moment of sorry and grief. 

Jon Snow did the right thing. The woman was going mad like her dad. Her dragon would have wasted the whole of Westeros.

If you want a villain, it’s that little Lannister fella with the dwarf body and the big brains.  He’s the one who talked Jon Snow into plunging the killing dagger into the heart of his beloved Mother of the Dragons.

He’s since moved from a prisoner to be executed for treason to the Hand of the King. He sits  at the head of the table running the whole Kingdom of the 6 nations.

Maybe all you fans of Daenerys should petition Stui for a public holiday to honour her memory.

“…. they’ll have to hurry, Stui is in training with bow and arrow for his trip to the North to check on Jon Snow, dear