Dear Oh Dear …..all talk but no bang bang

  • Armless or harmless
    Armless or harmless

Government should stop saying they know who OLP is or the people who’re behind the mystery Facebook page.

Every time they say that and OLP puts up a new posting on social media, it becomes a mockery.

OLP is not scared.  He’s grown braver and bolder every time the threat of being identified is mouthed off.

We’ve just had the FBI working with some of our best IT minds in a cyber abuse training course and still no OLP. All we heard is the Minister of Communications boasting that they know who the mystery blogger is.

How about naming some names Minister? How about making out some arrest warrants? 

Big question? Why is Government big on the talk and meek on the action?

Makes one wish the ‘Man With No Name’ was still around.

“If you want to shoot, shoot, don’t talk.’

“……you’ve always be an action man, dear.