Dear Oh Dear… all it takes is a ripe banana

  • Stui's achilles heel, ripe banana peels
    Stui's achilles heel, ripe banana peels

After dwelling on what he himself said, Stui has actually leaked out his greatest fear… slipping on a ripe banana peel.

Bullets doesn’t scare him.  Ripe banana does.  Now if you’re mad at Stui, for whatever reason, here’s your best chance to get back at him. Bring him down with a ripe banana.

Check out where he normally walks and simply litter it with ripe bananas.  He does love long walks along the long corridors in his office.

Sneak in there and do your thing. Whatever befalls him, you cannot be charged for conspiracy…. maybe for littering which of course is true, but you’ll probably be sentenced to mop out the corridor.

“…..monkeys play with ripe bananas, dear