Women Farmers Looking Forward To Pacific Agriculture Week

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  •  Australia based Mavis Uhrle returns home to harvest taros from Fiaga plantation for export
    Australia based Mavis Uhrle returns home to harvest taros from Fiaga plantation for export

Mavis Urhle and Mere Faleao are looking forward to being part of the regional Pacific Agriculture Week hosted by Samoa this week.

Urhle and Faleao both passionate farmers grow taro, cocoa and raise cattle and pigs at Fiaga.

The land – 100 acres in total is leased from government. Part of the land remains unused but the two are expanding and plan to cultivate all the 100 acres.

The two women are partners in the farm. Urhle divides her time between Samoa and Australia where they already have a market, leaving Faleao to be in-charge  of the overall running of the farm.

They had just recently shipped two containers of taro.

 Farm hands assist in the work on the farm but according to Faleao they need more.

 The two ladies who are among the few women involved in farming are proud to be contributing to the development of Samoa in agriculture.

Urhle and Faleao admit that farming is hard but they are determined to be successful and want to prove that women can also succeed as farmers like the men.

 “ This is more inspiration for us and we are willing to take up the challenge.”

Farming is a rewarding occupation for the two women.

“ There is no denying farming is hard but the rewards from it are immense,” Faleao told Newsline.

“ Financially it is very rewarding and at the same time we grow our own food.”

Urhle said that being a farmer is a real blessing and has shown up hidden skills which she thought she did not possess.

Faleao and Urhle are looking forward to being part of the Pacific Agriculture Week and the Samoa’s annual Agricultural Show as they want to learn from others and at the same time to display the fruits of their farm.

The Pacific Agriculture Week runs from the 30th September to the 4th October and part of the Week are many side events being hosted at different venues.

Yesterday the regional meeting of the Heads of Agriculture and Forestry Services was opened.

The Pacific Agricultural Week Samoa is hosting is the second to be held since its inception. The first Week was held in Vanuatu and it’s a biennial event.