Traditional Healers React To Claims Of Babies Treated Too Late

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  • ‘Asosi o Taulasea’ or Association of Traditional Healers spokesperson and treasurer, Ms. Kerupi Moananu
    ‘Asosi o Taulasea’ or Association of Traditional Healers spokesperson and treasurer, Ms. Kerupi Moananu


Traditional healers who are registered members of the ‘Asosi o Taulasea’ or Association of Traditional Healers, are keeping their distance from non-registered members reportedly giving home treatments for the measles virus.

The association spokesperson and treasurer, Ms. Kerupi Moananu, assured support for the work of formal medicine by the doctors and nurses.

The role of traditional healers is under a cloud after comments from the Ministry of Health claimed that most of the children who have died from the measles were brought to the hospital too late.

The reason is they were treated by traditional healers at first and were beyond cure by the time they were admitted to the hospital for treatment.

“The truth is our association membership of ‘taulasea’ are not into the treatment of the measles except for those who are working on their own at home,” Moananu clarified.

“We are giving priority to the services of doctors and nurses at the hospital for children who have measles.”

Moananu underlined the association policy of giving priority to formal medical services before they are prepared to accept any patient.

“All who turned up requesting our support for their children regardless of their state of health are asked if they have seen a doctor.

“If not, we recommend they see one and if after 3 days of taking prescribed medications that they don’t feel any changes then come to us for help.”

Claims that traditional healers are offering their services for $50 a session for the treatment of measles are denied by the association.

Strong assurances are made that if they have measles cases to treat they would do so freely without charge.

Moananu is confident that the measles virus can be cured by traditional healers, because the skills to heal are a blessing from God.

“ But so far we have not had any request from measles cases for our healing help but we can heal as long as the healer is dedicated, honest and do not place monetary rewards ahead of their work.

“Once they do that then the service is not going to work.”

Moananu described the measles as intense fever inside the body of a child who ends up running very high body temperatures.

“As traditional healers, we believe in the Lords blessings on the natural herbal remedies that can cure any ill health including the measles.”