Renovations For John Williams Building Near Completion

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  • Renovations update of the Ioane Viliamu Building in a race to meet May 'Fono Tele' target
    Renovations update of the Ioane Viliamu Building in a race to meet May 'Fono Tele' target

By July this year the John Williams Building at Tamaligi will have a new facelift with the completion of its renovations.

 But it is expected that most of the renovations should be done by the start of the EFKS Church annual conference this year.

Work will continue for the duration of the conference to meet set the target

The renovations are now being taken over by the Church workers.

Making up the renovation crew are church ministers, the church carpenters and people the church has hired to help out.

 Currently they are carrying out renovations on the remaining floors Two and One and this should be completed by the first week of the conference.

Fanualelei Pelenato A Construction the contractor who won the tender to do the renovations was not extended time to continue, instead the church has decided to take over.

FP A Construction was paid $640,000 for  labour only and was to complete in  ten months – from June last year to March this year. They were given an extra two weeks in April before the Church took over.

Renovations include replacing the ceiling of each room, installing new air conditions and replacing the tiles. On the exterior there were some major works done.

A new lift inside the building will also be installed and this would be in June or July this year.

The car park will also get a face lift .It will be resealed and more parking spaces will be made available. There will also be a drop off area in front of the building. Parking spaces however will be no longer available in the front of the building for this will be part of the planned government road extension.

According to a source the work is progressing well and almost completed and is pleased to report that there are still funds in the allocated budget for the project.

Cost of the whole project is $3 million tala.

The John Williams Building houses the main office of the EFKS Church the largest church in Samoa.