‘Pulenu’u’ Proud Of Village Measles Support

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  •  Proud Nu’u residential village pulenu'u,Malo Malagamali’i Solomona
    Proud Nu’u residential village pulenu'u,Malo Malagamali’i Solomona

The Government representative or ‘pulenu’u’ of the Nu’u residential settlement, is proud of the support families under his watch showed by following the health advices on the mesales epidemic.

Malo Malagamali’i Solomona is thankful, as Nu’u pulenu’u that not one peron in his village had the measles.

 Nu’u is a growing residential settlement with a population of more than a 100 and growing.

« I thanked the Lord for his protection on all of us including our oldest 71 year old resident who has had his measles shots,» Malo said.

Unlike ‘traditional villages’  Nu’u is a settlement of people living on freehold hold land, coming from all parts of the country .

For a person like Malo it is a challenge not having the commanding authority of the chiefs and orators in a traditional village to make his job easier.

Malo, however, felt compelled by the threat of the measles epidemic to carry out a house to house call as his job requires, to keep the residents informed of the disease and Government plans to control the epidemic.

« The best moment in the 2 years since I was given the respinsibility of a ‘pulenu’u’ for my village is knowing that not one of the residents was infected by the measles virus.

« My main job leading up to the emergency mass vaccination we had for two days, was to take my note pad and record all who were not vaccinated, so I can led the vaccination team directly to them.

« I recorded 20 unvaccinated cases and for some it was because they were not well enough to take the vaccine shots. »

Urging better hygiene in the families was another key responsibility for him and he did so with regular visits to the families.

Even with reports that the epidemic maybe slowing down it has not stopped him for making his regular rounds of the families in Nu’u.

« We have several pregnant women and I make sure I call on them often to check on their health because they are a vulnerable group including their babies. »

Malo felt that the support by the residents made his job easier because by the time he came around they were well informed already of the disease and the recommended health preventative actions to take.

He still worry that families live closer together and any outbreak of an infectious disease like the measles will spread very quickly.