Problem Is Speeding Not Road Overcrowd

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  • ROAD WOES  LTA Manager of Road Operations Muagututia Mark Tominiko (inset) File photo of emergency work on victims of a wooden bus accident
    ROAD WOES LTA Manager of Road Operations Muagututia Mark Tominiko (inset) File photo of emergency work on victims of a wooden bus accident

The Land and Transport Authority  count of cars in Samoa is up to 5 thousand vehicles but it is the speed they travel and not any overcrowding on the road that is the main cause of accidents.

This is the LTA reaction to  any public worries whether the number of cars on the road have exceeded any safety limits.

Manager of Road Operations Muagututia Mark Tominiko told Newsline, the number of vehicles is not the cause of accidents.

Concerns about he growing number of car accidents  including a hit and run last week at Puipa’a, the Auala bus crash this week, and a collision of vehicles at Fugalei, were put to the LTA.

Muagututia regretted the accidents happening but said they indicated people not observing the road safety rules and legislations.

He explained that according to Road Operations beliefs that if the three main groups of road users cooperate road safety would be ensured. They are the drivers, passengers and the pedestrians.

Drivers  Muagututia said should always  keep to the speed limit which is 25 miles per hour in town. “They should ensure that they keep also to the required number of passengers their vehicles could carry. For a bus this would be 33 +1. It is drivers’ job to look after their passengers safety,” Muagututia told Newsline.

Passengers also have a role to play in road safety he added.

“ They should not try to interfere with the driving nor distract the driver by conversing with him or her. The driver should be allowed to focus on his or her task which is driving.”

The pedestrians are also important to road safety who  must ensure they walk on the correct side of the road and must keep away from the road  Muagututia explained.

“ If these sectors work together  there would be no accidents.”

Muagututia said that the contributing factor to road accidents is speed and that government in its efforts to address this problem has passed a law to ban racing on the road.

.Speed limits Muagututia explained are 25 mph in town while outside  of  town area is 35 mph.

Muagututia was also asked if the bus accident at Savaii this week is an indication  that not much attention is being paid to road safety in  Savaii  Island. This was denied by Manager of Road Operations.

He said the same rules and laws and the same attention are applied and paid to Savaii.

Muagututia is of the belief that people generally are safe on the roads despite so many cars being on the road.