PM Jacinda Ardern outraged at Samoan toddler refused vaccinations

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  • Samoan toddler turned down for measles jab before returning to Samoa
    Samoan toddler turned down for measles jab before returning to Samoa

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is reported to be outraged by a Samoan toddler who was refused a measles vaccination in Auckland before heading back to Samoa.

"The fact we didn't assist one child in New Zealand when we are giving vaccines to Samoa to vaccinate feels nonsensical to me," Ardern was quoted by online news outlet Stuff.

A RNZ report brought to the NZ leader’s attention the 15-month toddler who was visiting his grandparents in New Zealand.

His parents did not want him returning to Samoa during the measles outbreak.

His godfather, Mark Wendt, said an Auckland clinic refused to immunise the toddler because he did not have a New Zealand passport.

Wendt has since taken the toddler back to Samoa.

Ardern said she would be asking questions about what happened.

The New Zealand Ministry of Health has confirmed all children under 18 are eligible for publicly-funded immunisations, regardless of citizenship or immigration status in New Zealand.

The Stuff report said the Health Ministry has warned all health providers to offer children vaccinations regardless of immigration status.